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HL.10212 seven-corner knob

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HUALI D H D1 d h l S
HL-1021250 50 33 23 M8 16 15、25、30 3
HL-1021263 63 29 25.5 M12 20 25、30、40 3
HL-1021280 80 53 35 M12 M16 28 30、40、50 4

1.Different materials, styles, luminous appearance with wearing well, corrosion resistance,

2.it is the necessary part of machine tool. Special size can be made specially.

3.We will provide you with the excellent quality, after-sales service and the lowest price passionately.

4.Black, high, strength, reinforced Bakelite, resistant to solvents, oils greases and other chemical agents,

5.making this knob for using on medical machines, equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industry

6.wherever hygienic, climatic and environmental factors or laws make it mandatory to use corrosion resistant magerials.

Our factory can make all kinds of standard industrial machinery accessories professionally. Such as pull handle, handwheel, handle, hinge, towing chain and so on. If you need one of them please contact me at any time.


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